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Sliding Garage Screen Doors

    Turn your garage into usable space and take advantage of cross breezes during nice weather. It's like a having a screen room without the huge expense. The best thing about a Custom Window Systems, Inc. sliding garage screen door is keeping those annoying insects out of your garage, also not having to worry about those mosquitoes that could carrying the "West Nile Virus".


The sliding garage screen doors are made to be easily lifted out in winds over 75mph. All sliding garage screen door units are custom fitted to the exact opening of your existing garage opening. Typical sizes are 9' x 7' for a single car garage and 16' x 7' for a double car garage. Garage screen doors are installed on the exterior jambs of your garage and will not effect your existing overhead garage door.


The heavy duty extruded thresholds allow for the vehicle to access the garage without interfering with the door tracks. Garage screen doors come standard with 8" high kick plate at the bottom and can be upgraded to 12" or 16" heights as well. All screen door vents come with 2 large rubber rollers (5 year warranty) on each door vent for that smooth rolling effect. Cam-locks and come-a-longs also come standard on each door vent. Garage screen door frames can be ordered in white or bronze and fiberglass screens can be ordered in standard 18/14 charcoal or grey. Sunscreens can be ordered in white, black, grey and ivory for an additional charge.

Sliding Garage Screen Door Warranty


Advantages of Sunscreens:

                        Reduces heat build up inside of garage.

                                                                                              Reduces visibility from outside looking in, (still able to see vary well inside looking out).

                                         White Sunscreen reduces the most heat infiltration.

               Screen material is more durable.

    Feeling of more security.

          More colors to choose from.



    Disadvantages of Sunscreens:

                         Reduces air flow thru screen material.

                    More costly to replace if damaged.

                        More expensive than regular screens.



You can order the Custom Window Systems, Inc. 1" Deluxe Sliding Garage Screen Door rollers right here, they are exactly like the one pictured above right.

Prices below include shipping, handling, and tax. The rollers should work in other manufacturers brands with minor modifications. Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for your order(s) to be shipped.


CWS Rubber Rollers and Cam Locks



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